There will come a time in your parents' lives when they are unable to care for themselves. At that time point, one of the best things you can do for your parents is hire a home care service to do things like prepare meals, do their laundry, and administer medication. But it can take some time for parents to adapt to home care services, as they sometimes see these services as theft of their independence. Here are some ways you can help your parents adapt.

1. Be present the first few times the caregiver comes over.

It may be strange for your parents to have a caregiver in their home at first. You can make the situation more comfortable by being present the first few times the caregiver come over. Introduce them to your parents and serve as a go-between if your parents are not in the best moods. Your parents will feel less vulnerable if you -- someone they know and trust -- are there to oversee the care they receive.

2. Work with your parents to choose a caregiver.

Caregivers have different personalities, so it's important to find someone who not only offers good care, but who also gets along with your parents as people. Work with your parents to meet and interview a few different caregivers. Watch your parents interact with the various caregivers, and pay attention to the ones who they seem most at-ease around. Put those caregivers on a short-list of people to consider.

3. Listen to your parents' concerns.

Your parents are bound to have some worries and concerns related to the care they'll be receiving. Like all worries and concerns, they tend to feel like less of a burden once they've been discussed. So, make sure you listen carefully and intently when your parents want to talk about their caregivers or the care they're receiving. Be their sounding board and offer helpful advice when you can.

4. Maintain other familiar parts of your parents' schedule.

Accepting a caregiver into the home can be a big change. Your parents will have an easier time adapting if you keep other aspects of their lives the same. If you usually take them to lunch every Tuesday, keep up with this routine. If you always come over on Sunday and watch a movie, that's another fun habit to stick with. Over time, your parents will adapt to the caregivers, and you can let some of these routines go if needed.

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